Loved by locals in Cape Town

Minato Sushi Restaurant

An authentic Japanese Sushi experience!

Minato Sushi

Where we make and serve Sushi with Love!

People love Sushi for how refreshing an experience it is, and at its heart lies quality ingredients. We never compromise on the freshness and the quality of our sushi ingredients. All our ingredients are carefully chosen and personally handpicked, which means the exotic refreshing experience is guaranteed for you.


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Look what our Customers have to say about Us!

It was so Good and Heavenly delicious!!! My mom and I have been here 3 times. and The Sushi and Dumpling is delicious!!
- Nanthiphat
Absolutely loved the sushi. The portions was really good too . Proper 👌 I highly recommend this place. Great service too.
- Ashley
We ordered sushi for the first time from Minato through Uber Eats. Very impressed with the quality of the ingredients. Delicious sushi! I will definitely order from them again.
- Vanja
The food is authentic Japenese cuisine. All dishes were incredibly good!
- Cheron
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